Discovering Family History in Seoul

Discovering Family History in Seoul: A Saturday Exploration!

Exploring Family History in Seoul on a Saturday : A Day to Explore Their Family History across the City! The Seoul Historical Compilation Institute is launching a new program called “Textbook History Journey with Mom and Dad.” This educational program allows parents and children to visit historical sites mentioned in their history textbooks and experience them firsthand. Led by experts in history, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage of Seoul as they explore seven historic landmarks throughout the city. The program, which received a highly positive response last year, will be held in April and May and again in September and October. With its focus on fostering a love for cultural heritage and creating lasting family memories, this program promises to be an enriching and immersive experience for all participants.

Discovering Family History in Seoul: A Saturday Exploration!

Discovering Family History in Seoul: A Saturday Exploration!

Overview of the Program : Family History in Seoul

Description of the ‘교과서 역사기행‘ program (Textbook History Journey with Mom and Dad)

Seoul Metropolitan Government has introduced the ‘교과서 역사기행’ program, which offers families the opportunity to explore historical sites mentioned in school textbooks. This educational program aims to provide parents and children with a firsthand experience of cultural heritage by visiting these sites and learning from expert historians. It has been designed to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Korean history among families.

Participation Information about Family History in Seoul

How to participate in the program

To participate in the ‘교과서 역사기행’ program(Textbook History Journey with Mom and Dad), interested individuals can visit the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s website and register for the program. The registration process requires basic personal information and the selection of preferred tour dates. It is important to note that the program is open to all participants free of charge.

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Previous Year’s Success

Statistics and feedback from previous year’s program

The ‘교과서 역사기행’ program(Textbook History Journey with Mom and Dad) was first introduced last year and received an overwhelming response. A total of 1,456 families, consisting of 4,949 participants, registered for the program. Out of the selected 270 participants, 152 families (97.4%) expressed high satisfaction with the program. This positive feedback and the program’s success have led to its continuation this year.

Discovering Family History in Seoul: A Saturday Exploration!

Theme and Locations for this Year

Theme of ‘서울에서 만나는 교과서 속 우리 역사’ (Our history in textbooks in Seoul)

The theme for this year’s program is ‘서울에서 만나는 교과서 속 우리 역사’ (Our history in textbooks in Seoul). Participants will have the opportunity to visit a total of seven historical sites in Seoul to learn more about their significance and relevance to Korean history.

Reservation : Reservation for Public Service, Seoul

Overview of the 7 historical sites to be visited

The seven historical sites that will be visited during the program include:

  1. 몽촌토성: Participants will explore the historical site of Mongchontoseong, which dates back to the Hanseong Baekje era, and learn about its historical significance.
  2. 창덕궁: This site offers a glimpse into the Joseon Dynasty with its traditional architecture and cultural heritage.
  3. 종묘: Participants will visit Jongmyo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the ancestral tablets of the Joseon Dynasty kings and queens are enshrined.
  4. 효창공원: The program will include a visit to Hyochang Park, which is the final resting place of prominent Korean independence activists.

Schedule and Timing

Dates and times of the tours Breakdown of morning and afternoon sessions

The ‘교과서 역사기행’ program will be conducted in two sessions each day, with morning and afternoon options. Participants can select the preferred session during registration. The program will run from April to May for the first half of the year and from September to October for the second half.

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Specific Locations for the First Half of the Year

‘몽촌토성’, ‘창덕궁’, ‘종묘’, ‘효창공원’

During the first half of the year, participants will have the chance to visit the historical sites of Mongchontoseong, Changdeokgung Palace, Jongmyo, and Hyochang Park. Each location holds significant historical value and will be explored with the guidance of expert historians.

Discovering Family History in Seoul: A Saturday Exploration!

Special Tour for Large Families

Details of the third tour designed for families with multiple children

As part of the program, a special tour will be organized exclusively for families with two or more children. This tour, which will take place at Hyochang Park, aims to provide a unique educational experience focusing on the lives and contributions of Korean independence activists. It offers an opportunity for families to learn together and deepen their understanding of Korean history.

Locations for the Second Half of the Year

‘덕수궁’, ‘암사동 선사주거지 유적’, ‘서대문형무소 역사관’

For the second half of the year, the program includes visits to Deoksugung Palace, Amhwasan Prehistoric Settlement Remains in Amsa-dong, and Seodaemun Prison History Hall. Each of these locations holds historical significance and offers valuable insights into different periods of Korean history.

Discovering Family History in Seoul: A Saturday Exploration!


Encouragement to participate and contact details

The ‘교과서 역사기행’ program presents an excellent opportunity for families to explore and learn about Korean history together. By visiting these historical sites, participants can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their cultural heritage. Interested individuals can participate in the program by registering through the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s website. For further information and inquiries, individuals can contact the Seoul Metropolitan Government or visit the program’s official website. Don’t miss out on this exciting educational experience and the chance to create lasting memories with family.