Winter Vacation at Seoul's Parks

Experience a Fun-Filled Winter Vacation at Seoul’s Parks!

Experience a Fun-Filled Winter Vacation at Seoul’s Parks! If you’re looking to embrace the warm and special ambience of Christmas while enjoying unique experiences this winter, look no further than the parks in Seoul. From December to February, Seoul city is hosting a wide range of winter festivals and vacation programs at 12 parks and forests, including World Cup Park. Explore the wonders of nature, embark on ecological adventures, engage in academic exploration, and even indulge in stargazing activities with 89 leisure programs available. Furthermore, starting from December 15th, don’t miss out on the “Winter Lights” festival along Sejongdaero Street, where the Seoul Forest Family Yard will showcase a brilliant light and sound installation called “Winter Lights.” Immerse yourself in the magic of winter festivities and make lasting memories at Seoul’s parks this winter break.

Winter Vacation at Seoul's Parks

Winter Festivals and Events

Winter is a great time to explore the beauty of Seoul’s parks and enjoy various festivals and events. Whether you’re looking for a magical light display or an educational program for your family, Seoul’s parks have something for everyone.

Light Street Festival

Starting from December 15th to January 21st, you can experience the enchanting “빛의 거리” (Light Street) festival along the Sejong-daero Street. This festival utilizes the trees and the ground to create a mesmerizing winter atmosphere with beautiful light installations and projections. It’s a perfect opportunity to take a stroll and immerse yourself in the warm ambiance of winter. The festival is also connected to the Namsan Tower Lighting Festival, providing a delightful experience for visitors.

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Seoul Forest Family Yard presents the “겨울빛, 윈터라이트(WINTERLIGHTS)” exhibition, a cultural art project in collaboration with the Daelim Cultural Foundation. This exhibition showcases the work of German artist Christopher Bauder, featuring mesmerizing light and sound installations. Visitors can enjoy the magical atmosphere created by the exhibition and immerse themselves in the warmth and joy of Christmas. The exhibition will be held from December 15th to January 7th, offering a unique experience for families.

Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking for outdoor activities during the winter, Seoul’s parks offer a range of programs to keep you entertained.

World Cup Park: Bird Watching Challenge

At the World Cup Park, you can participate in the “새피리 챌린지” (Bird Watching Challenge) program. This program allows you to observe the winter migratory birds and learn about their habits and patterns. It’s a great opportunity to discover the diverse bird species that reside in the park and appreciate the wonders of nature.

World Cup Park: 노을별누리 별 볼일

Experience the beauty of the stars and constellations at the Noeul Star Square in the World Cup Park. This program offers a unique opportunity to observe the night sky and learn about the world of constellations and astronomy. It’s an educational activity suitable for all ages, and a fun way to spend time with family and friends.

Winter Vacation at Seoul's Parks

Nature Exploration

Seoul’s parks provide excellent opportunities for nature exploration and learning about the environment.

Ecological exploration class in Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest offers the “생태탐사 교실” (Ecology Exploration Classroom) program. This program takes place in the forest and allows participants to learn about various plants and animals that inhabit the area. You can discover the diversity of flora and fauna and gain a deeper understanding of the natural ecosystem.

Boramae Park’s carbon neutral program

Boramae Park offers a carbon-neutral program as part of its efforts to combat climate change. Through programs like “열어라! 겨울놀이 보따리” (Open Up! Winter Play Kit) and “테라리움, 사라지는 겨울왕국 구해요!” (Terrarium, Saving the Disappearing Winter Kingdom), participants can learn about the significance of carbon neutrality and participate in activities that promote sustainable practices.

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Educational Programs

Seoul’s parks offer various educational programs that combine outdoor activities with academic learning.

Curriculum exploration program at Gyeongui Line Forest Park

At the Gyeongui Line Forest Park, you can participate in the “숲길 따라 교과 식물 산책” (Exploring Academics through Forest Walk) program. This program combines outdoor exploration with academic subjects, allowing participants to learn about plants and animals mentioned in textbooks and engage in hands-on activities.

The story of trees in Gildong Ecological Park’s famous paintings

Gildong Ecological Park offers the “명화 속 나무 이야기” (Trees in Famous Paintings) program. Through this program, participants can learn about different trees depicted in famous paintings and enjoy hands-on activities related to trees. It’s a great opportunity to appreciate art and nature simultaneously.

Winter Vacation at Seoul's Parks

Sensory Experiences

Seoul’s parks provide sensory experiences that engage all five senses.

Healing five senses experience in Seoul Forest

At Seoul Forest, you can enjoy the “힐링 오감체험” (Healing Sensory Experience) program. This program offers outdoor activities that stimulate your senses while providing a therapeutic experience. From aromatherapy to outdoor games, you can relax and rejuvenate in the serene atmosphere of the park.

Making fun trees at Maeheon Citizen’s Forest

Meheon Civic Forest offers the “재미있는 나무 만들기” (Fun Tree Making) program. Participants can create various tree-related crafts using natural materials found in the park. It’s a fun and creative way to engage with nature and unleash your imagination.

Creative Workshops

Seoul’s parks organize creative workshops that allow participants to explore their artistic talents.

Making Christmas props at Seoul Botanical Garden

Seoul Botanic Park offers the “크리스마스 소품 만들기” (Christmas Decoration Making) workshop. Participants can create beautiful Christmas ornaments using materials inspired by nature. It’s a great opportunity to unleash your creativity and add a personal touch to your holiday decorations.

Making Christmas props at Namsan Park

Namsan Park presents the “크리스마스 소품 만들기” (Christmas Decoration Making) workshop, where participants can create unique Christmas ornaments using various materials. It’s a chance to let your creativity flourish and bring the holiday spirit to life through your artistic creations.

Special Exhibitions

Seoul’s parks host special exhibitions that showcase art and culture.

Christmas props exhibition at Namsan Park

Namsan Park hosts a special exhibition featuring Christmas decorations. This exhibition showcases a wide range of Christmas-themed art installations and ornaments, providing visitors with a festive and enchanting experience.

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Seo Yong-seon project exhibition at the Oil Tank Culture Park

The Seoul Museum of Art and Culture presents the “서용선 프로젝트: 암태도” (Seo Yong-sun Project: Amtae Island) exhibition. This exhibition showcases the works of artist Seo Yong-sun, highlighting his artistic expressions and exploring the concept of Amtae Island. Visitors can enjoy various artworks and engage in a thought-provoking cultural experience.

Winter Vacation at Seoul's Parks

Art and Culture Programs

Seoul’s parks offer a wide range of art and culture programs.

Silver grass natural art exhibition at World Cup Park

World Cup Park presents the “억새풀 자연미술 전시” (Millet Grass Natural Art Exhibition). This exhibition showcases large-scale sculptures made from millet grass, celebrating the Year of the Dragon. Visitors can enjoy the unique artwork and appreciate the beauty of nature in an artistic context.

Traditional games and dyeing experience at Seoul Botanical Garden

Seoul Botanic Park provides a program called “전래놀이와 염색 체험” (Traditional Games and Dyeing Experience). This program allows participants to enjoy traditional games and learn about natural dyeing techniques. It’s a great way to connect with Korean traditions and explore the world of natural colors.

Family Activities

Seoul’s parks offer family-friendly activities that allow you to spend quality time together.

Observing insects in the garden at Yongsan Family Park

At Yongsan Family Park, you can observe insects in their natural habitat in the vegetable garden. The “텃밭에 사는 곤충들” (Insects in the Vegetable Garden) program allows families to explore the fascinating world of insects while learning about the importance of biodiversity.

Participating in the Oil Tank Culture Park’s guide program

The Seoul Museum of Art and Culture offers a guided program for families to explore the cultural heritage and history of the area. By participating in the “가이드 프로그램” (Guide Program), families can learn about the significance of the Cultural Heritage Complex and gain a deeper understanding of the local culture.

Information and Booking

For detailed information about winter festivals and programs at Seoul’s parks, you can visit the Seoul Park Nuri House website ( Please note that some programs may have limited availability, so it’s recommended to check the website and make reservations in advance.

In summary, Seoul’s parks offer a wide range of winter festivals and programs that cater to various interests and age groups. From enchanting light displays to educational nature exploration, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Make the most of your winter vacation by spending time in Seoul’s parks and creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones.