ENHYPEN named as Global Ambassador for Dr.Jart+ skincare brand

Get ready to have some skin envy because K-pop sensation ENHYPEN has just been announced as the global ambassador for Dr.Jart+ skincare brand! This groundbreaking partnership will not only showcase the band’s favorite products, but also feature a captivating campaign called “Supercharged repair, Cicapair.” Both Dr.Jart+ and ENHYPEN are known for their ability to quickly transcend boundaries, making this collaboration a match made in skincare heaven. Fans can look forward to the release of the new Dr.Jart+ Cicapair line, set to hit shelves in November 2023 for South Korea, December for China, and the first half of 2024 for the United States and Europe. And that’s not all – in addition to sharing their personal skincare routines, ENHYPEN will also be dropping their highly anticipated album, “ORANGE BLOOD,” on November 17, coinciding with the new Dr.Jart+ products launching in Korea. It’s time to get pumped up for flawless skin and incredible music!

ENHYPEN named as Global Ambassador for Dr.Jart+ skincare brand

ENHYPEN named as Global Ambassador for Dr.Jart+ skincare brand

K-pop sensation ENHYPEN has recently been appointed as the first-ever global ambassador for renowned Korean skincare brand, Dr.Jart+. This exciting partnership marks a significant milestone for both ENHYPEN and Dr.Jart+, as they join forces to promote the brand’s innovative and high-quality skincare products to a global audience. With their immense popularity and influence in the K-pop industry, ENHYPEN is the perfect choice to represent the ethos and values of Dr.Jart+, making this collaboration a match made in skincare heaven.

Partnership with Dr.Jart+

ENHYPEN’s partnership with Dr.Jart+ is set to create waves in the skincare industry, as the band becomes the face of the brand’s latest campaign, “Supercharged repair, Cicapair.” This campaign aims to highlight the powerful repairing properties of Dr.Jart+’s Cicapair line, which is specially formulated to address various skin concerns and provide effective solutions. By teaming up with ENHYPEN, Dr.Jart+ aims to reach a wider audience and leverage the band’s global fanbase to drive brand awareness and sales.

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ENHYPEN named as Global Ambassador for Dr.Jart+ skincare brand

Campaign: ‘Supercharged repair, Cicapair’

The “Supercharged repair, Cicapair” campaign will feature captivating visuals of ENHYPEN, capturing their vibrant energy and flawless complexions. These visuals will showcase the band members incorporating their favorite Dr.Jart+ products into their skincare routines, demonstrating the effectiveness and versatility of the Cicapair line. Through creative storytelling and engaging content, the campaign aims to not only promote the products but also inspire individuals to prioritize and indulge in self-care through skincare.

Shared global success

Both ENHYPEN and Dr.Jart+ have experienced tremendous success on a global scale, making this partnership all the more significant. ENHYPEN’s rise to stardom has been meteoric, captivating audiences worldwide with their exceptional talent and charisma. Similarly, Dr.Jart+ has gained international recognition for its innovative, science-backed skincare formulations that cater to diverse skin types and concerns. This shared global success unites the two powerhouses, creating an unstoppable force in the entertainment and skincare industries.

ENHYPEN named as Global Ambassador for Dr.Jart+ skincare brand

Availability of new Dr.Jart+ Cicapair line

The eagerly awaited new Dr.Jart+ Cicapair line will soon be available to customers around the world, with release schedules already set for various regions. In South Korea, fans can get their hands on these coveted products as early as November 2023. Customers in China can expect the launch in December, while those in the United States and Europe will have to wait until the first half of 2024. This staggered release allows Dr.Jart+ to cater to the demands and preferences of different markets, ensuring a smooth and efficient distribution process.

ENHYPEN’s personal skincare routines

As part of their role as global ambassadors for Dr.Jart+, the members of ENHYPEN will share their personal skincare routines, providing fans with a glimpse into their diligent self-care practices. Each member will offer insights into their favorite Dr.Jart+ products and how they incorporate them into their daily skincare rituals. From cleansers to serums and moisturizers, fans will have the opportunity to learn from their favorite idols and discover new skincare techniques to enhance their own beauty routines.

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Simultaneous release of album ‘ORANGE BLOOD’ and Dr.Jart+ products

To add to the excitement, ENHYPEN’s much-anticipated album, “ORANGE BLOOD,” will be released on November 17, coinciding with the launch of the new Dr.Jart+ products in Korea. This simultaneous release is a testament to the synergy between the worlds of music and skincare, showcasing the band’s versatility and the seamless integration of their creative endeavors. Fans can look forward to enjoying both a melodious treat for their ears and a revolutionary skincare experience for their skin.

In conclusion, the partnership between ENHYPEN and Dr.Jart+ is an exciting development that highlights the growing intersection between the entertainment and skincare industries. By leveraging ENHYPEN’s immense popularity and global reach, Dr.Jart+ aims to amplify its brand presence and connect with beauty enthusiasts worldwide. The “Supercharged repair, Cicapair” campaign, along with the release of the new Dr.Jart+ Cicapair line, promises to revolutionize the skincare landscape. So get ready to embrace a skincare routine tailored to your needs, with ENHYPEN and Dr.Jart+ leading the way to a rejuvenated and confidence-boosting journey towards radiant skin.