Daffodil Festival in Sinan

A Blossoming Spectacle of 2 Million Spring Flowers: Daffodil Festival in Sinan


The Daffodil Festival in Sinan, also known as the Island Daffodil Festival, is a vibrant celebration of nature’s beauty and community spirit. Held annually in the picturesque village of Suncheon-ri in Jido-eup, Sinan-gun, this event has become a hallmark of springtime festivities in South Korea.

Daffodil Festival in Sinan
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History of the Daffodil Festival in Sinan

The Daffodil Festival has a rich history, evolving over the years to become the spectacular event it is today. From its modest beginnings to its current scale, the festival has consistently delighted visitors with its stunning displays and engaging activities.

Event Details

The festival typically runs from March 22nd to April 7th, immersing attendees in the breathtaking beauty of millions of Daffodils in full bloom. Suncheon-ri in Jido-eup serves as the enchanting backdrop for this floral extravaganza.

Scale of the Daffodil Festival in Sinan

Spanning across hectares of land, the festival boasts an impressive array of Daffodil varieties, totaling over two million blooms. From the classic Akle to the vibrant Adventure and Pimpernel, visitors are treated to a kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances.

Daffodil Festival in Sinan
Shinan County Office Official Facebook, Retrieved from 1004shinan

Highlights and Programs

Attendees can indulge in a myriad of activities, including writing wishes on Daffodil-shaped cards, exploring art exhibitions showcasing local talent, and savoring delicious regional delicacies at food stalls. Weekend festivities feature live music performances, interactive workshops, and opportunities to create unique souvenirs.

Organizers and Sponsors

The festival is organized by the Sinan County Government in collaboration with the Sinan 1004 Island Daffodil Festival Committee. Their dedication and support ensure the smooth execution of this beloved event.

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The Story Behind the Festival

At the heart of the festival lies the inspiring story of Hyun Bok-soon, affectionately known as the “Daffodil Lady.” Her passion for Daffodils transformed the landscape of Suncheon-ri, turning it into a golden paradise for both locals and visitors alike.

Daffodil Festival in Sinan
Shinan County Office Official Facebook, Retrieved from 1004shinan

Visitor Information

Tickets are priced at 6,000 won for adults and groups, with a 50% discount for those wearing yellow attire. Children, teenagers, soldiers, and individuals exempted by local regulations enjoy free admission to the Daffodil gardens.

Economic Impact

In addition to offering unforgettable experiences, the festival contributes to the economic vitality of the region. Initiatives such as refunding 1004 Island Sinan vouchers encourage spending that benefits the local community.

Community Participation

Driven by the enthusiasm of residents, the festival has grown to become a collaborative effort. Through community organizations and individual initiatives, locals play an integral role in enhancing the festival experience.

Daffodil Festival in Sinan
Shinan County Office Official Facebook, Retrieved from 1004shinan

Cultural Significance

Beyond its visual splendor, the Daffodil Festival embodies the spirit of Sinan’s culture and heritage. It serves as a symbol of resilience, unity, and the enduring bond between nature and humanity.

Tourist Experience

Visitors can look forward to immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the festival, capturing Instagram-worthy moments amidst fields of golden blooms and engaging in enriching cultural exchanges with locals.

Accommodation and Travel

For those planning to extend their stay, a range of accommodation options is available, catering to various preferences and budgets. Travelers can easily access Suncheon-ri via public transportation or by car, ensuring convenient arrival and departure.

Environmental Considerations

Mindful of environmental conservation, the festival implements sustainable practices to minimize its ecological footprint. Efforts such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, and biodiversity conservation underscore the organizers’ commitment to environmental stewardship.

Daffodil Festival in Sinan
Shinan County Office Official Facebook, Retrieved from 1004shinan


The Daffodil Festival in Sinan promises an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts, culture seekers, and adventure lovers alike. By celebrating the beauty of Daffodils and the spirit of community, this annual event leaves a lasting impression on all who attend.

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